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Services Provided

Service Upgrades - 100 amps to 400 amps, remove and replace old fuse panel boxes, services out to sheds or barns or garages. "I will make your electrical service upgrade as painless as possible. I will call the power company and set everything up so you don't need to worry about a thing and I get all services inspected by the township or state, depending on the location. Most standard service upgrades can take a full day, so power usually will only be shut down for a day. I try to make it as little of an issue as possible."

New and Old Wiring - Remove old knob n' tube, take out old wire and put in new, etc.

Small and Big Jobs - Anything from changing an outlet or switch to wiring a house or detached garage.

Wiring Whole Houses - "I have wired over 50 homes in my 5+ years in the field with my own crew as a foreman and have done houses 100% all myself from top to bottom. I take the time to wire up your house as if I was wiring my own house. I would feel safe putting my kids in any house I wire up. You may not see a lot of the electrical product at the finished stage but you can feel good about it and know that you have nice clean looking electrical work and not a pile of spahgetti".

Wiring And Lighting Design For New Construction - I can take a blank spec prints of a house and put a whole electrical design to it. I can help you decide what to do for an addition or a finished basement or a detached garage or a remodel. I can come to your place or on site free of charge and go over everything step by step and lay out every room one by one in person.

Emergency Service Calls - I have my phone on me most of the time and I will try to do my best to serve you in your time of need no matter what time of day it is. Due to personal situations from time to time, this service cannot always be done but I will try my best to serve you. If not, I have other trusty electricians that will more than gladly assist you.

Repair and Troubleshooting - Something broken or not working? I will try my best to assist you and figure out or repair your problem.

Meter Box Replacements - Is your meter box old and rusty or is it falling off the side of your house? I can fix those problems.

Interconnect Smoke Detectors - Depending on the house layout, I can wire up in new or existing houses smoke detectors that are connected so when one goes off, they all go off. Great and safe investment.

Ceiling Fans - Need a ceiling fan installed? I can easily do that for a low price. That includes taking the old fixture down, disposing of it and putting up the new one.

2 Story Ceiling Light Fixtures - I have a big enough ladder to reach 14' on the inside of the house and 22' on the outside.

Track Lighting - I can install any type and size of track lighting for any of your needs.

Attic and Exhaust Fans - Have a problem with a hot upstairs? An exhaust fan up in the attic is a good solution for that issue.

Bathroom Exhaust Fans - I can install a new one or replace the old one and I can make sure the old one is properly vented and make sure the new one installed is properly vented.

Door Bells - Have a broken door bell or a side door that needs a door bell button? I can replace any part of the door bell - transformer, chime, button, or install new door bell systems.

Electric Range and Dryer Hookups - I only install electric systems, not gas! I will also update your wiring for the appliances if needed.

New Outlets, Switches and Dimmers - Have an old house and need to update your oulets and switches? Or maybe you're repainting your rooms and need that fresh clean new look, or use dimmers to help with your energy costs. I can easily switch them out for a low price.

Landscape and Security Lighting - I can offer a whole line of different styles of lights for your yard and help you design the layout or work with your landscaper to make sure your yard looks its best at night and is also safe.

Home Generators - I install home generator systems for your house so you won't be without power during a power outage.

Replace Light Fixtures - I replace light fixtures for a low price.

Post Lights - I do everything from fixing them to installing them, running the wire underground and mounting the post.

Code Corrections and Updates - Selling your house and want everything upgraded or maybe you just want to feel safe, I can come to your home and go around and tell you what needs to be upgraded to meet today's codes and then do the work.

Data, Voice and Home Audio - I install cables for all types of systems for data, voice and home audio.

Electrical Base Board Heaters - Have that cold room that just doesn't heat up right? I can install a baseboard heater to meet those needs.

Replace Ballasts for Fluorescent Lights - Don't replace the whole fixture when your problem might just be a ballast. Ballasts can be replaced for a low price.

Whole House Surge Protector Installation - I can install a device in your main house panel that will protect your whole house from power surges for a low price.

Dedicated Outlets for Christmas Lights - (see picture.) I can run lines through the yard underground to weatherproof outlets or mount them in the roof overhangs for easy plug-in lights or mount regular weatherproof outlets around the outer wall of your house.